UV Portrait: back to my Hail to the Sun exhibition

An exhibition and a shooting workshop open to all!

What better subject than the UV portrait for my first solo photo exhibition? My « Hail to the Sun » series was exhibited within the La Main collective in Paris, and enabled a UV photo shooting workshop to be held with curious people and local residents.

It is extremely complicated for someone who « landed » in the art circle to find support and the means to carry out their first exhibition. Hence this article, relating the organization and progress of my first personal photographic exhibition.

In the beginning there was La Main

From April 29 to May 12, 2017 my exhibition « Hail to the Sun » took place in the gallery of the artists’ collective La Main, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

This association, I quote, « sees itself as a laboratory for creation but also for professional, cultural and social innovation, promoting encounters, collaboration and the permeability of disciplines ». It currently occupies the former bathhouses of Castagnary, where workshops and spaces for creation and artistic representation are located.

It was during one of these performances, « Le temps d’une douche », in 2014 that I discovered this incredible place run by a team of enthusiasts.


First personal exhibition around the UV portrait

Regarding the exhibition itself, « Hail to the Sun » takes up the 20 images of the eponymous series made in August 2016 featuring my UV portrait technique.

These portraits were arranged in a square space with a very high ceiling, so as to distribute face to face the two complementary attitudes of each model. To top it all off, a large vintage light bulb was hung in the middle of the room to remind the sun and create a subdued atmosphere.

The prints were made by Picto and integrated into black frames, in order to amplify the exposure of the faces.

Meeting with the pubic

I ensured the permanence of the exhibition during the 10 days of its progress. In this way, I was able to present in person my approach, my technique around UV portrait and my artistic sensitivity to visitors.

These moments of privileged exchanges with the public were very constructive and interesting, everyone sharing their curiosity and sensitivity on the topics of aging and appearance.

Finally, one hundred people were able to discover my ultraviolet photographic work.

In-situ UV shooting workshop

To animate the exhibition, and encouraged by the members of La Main, I carried out a UV shooting workshop during the evening of Wednesday May 10th.

Through this workshop, people were able to have their photo taken in ultraviolet using an artificial lighting device. The effect produced by this technique was thus presented to them concretely on their own faces. The photographs were then sent to them by email, once processed.

This workshop brought together 40 curious participants, thanks in particular to the Phototrend media relay. All ages, ethnicities and genders were thus able to be represented, creating a link between them and the photos exhibited through their UV portrait.

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Since the publication of this tutorial, I had the opportunity to write many articles in English related to UV photography.

On your left you will find links to these articles.

If you want to use some of the pictures in this article for illustration or commercial purposes, contact me directly by presenting your needs and the desired types of use. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a suitable commercial offer.

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