Ultraviolet photography and video

When innovation leads to prevention

State-of-the-art technology for all your projects

In recent years, ultraviolet photography has left laboratories working on health and dermatology research to become part of projects focused on general public and led by the biggest cosmetic and beauty brands of the World.

This cutting-edge technique is perfectly suited to promote cosmetic products, to create prevention campaigns against environmental risks on the human body, and to reveal sun damages on the skin.

Professional equipment dedicated to UV photo and video

Being the #1 specialist of this technique, I own all the necessary recording and lighting equipment to deliver high quality ultraviolet photo and video files, taken indoors and outdoors.

I work as a part of your team in a completely autonomous way, communicating directly with your artistic director and your producer.

UV shootings and workshops for professionals and general public

My ultraviolet offer can also take place in professional events and safety days of companies, by hosting UV workshops. These  workshops take the form of a fully equipped, portable studio, where everyone can be filmed and photographed in UV.

The main goal of these workshops is to raise awareness among the best practices to adopt to protect and spare the skin capital of the participants, as well as prevent them from photoaging.

All included ultraviolet technical consulting

Do you want to equip yourself with ultraviolet photo and video equipment? I offer my expertise in order to build with you the technical solution that meets your needs.

Once you have validated my technical offer, I deal with the supply and the validation of your UV system, as well as the training of your team and a technical assistance throughout your project.

My client references in ultraviolet photography and video

The biggest cosmetic brands, as well as national public health agencies have already called on me. Next one will be you!

Let's talk about your project

In order to elaborate the best commercial offer, I invite you to provide me with as many details as possible concerning your request: date and place of the project, context, theme, team composition or even type of deliverable expected. I will then get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate commercial offer.