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The best photos deserve the best equipment

The practice of infrared photography requires specific equipment such as a full-spectrum camera or dedicated filters. As such, the infrared filter is the real keystone of your images, since it determines the rendering and the colors of the environment photographed.

Once your camera has been defiltered, it is essential to choose quality infrared filterss, rigorously designed to offer you the best performance.

In this new article, I present to you the infrared filter offer proposed by Kolari Vision, the current leader in the sector. Note that these filters are for use with a full-spectrum defiltered camera only.

Infrared filter range from 550nm to 850nm

Let’s start this overview with the essential classic infrared filter, acting as a high-pass filter in front of your lens by letting only the light signal pass above their cut-off wavelength.

This wavelength will determine the rendering of your images: from pure and deep black and white with an 850nm IR filter to the saturated yellow color of the vegetation at 595nm, passing through the subtle rendering of nature in immaculate white with the 720nm infrared filter.

Whatever your choice, each Kolari Vision IR filter benefits from a top-of-the-range design: slim mount in extra-resistant and anti-corrosion aluminum, anti-reflection, anti-scratch and water-repellent optical surface coating.

Infrared ND filter

Taking long exposure photos with the infrared technique has long been a headache. Indeed, the various brands used to apply an anti-IR coating to the glass of their filters in order to avoid colour shift in conventional photography.

Kolari Vision has succeeded in designing an ND filter compatible with both conventional photography and infrared photography, while ensuring accurate transcription of colors in both cases.

IR Chrome filter

As a niche technique, infrared photography sees few innovations appearing for lack of a sufficiently interesting audience for most brands of filters. It was without counting on the passion of Kolari Vision to offer ever more innovative products.

The IR Chrome filter proves to be the flagship of their expertise: a filter allowing to transcribe the rendering of Kodak Aerochome film, SOOC! A real success at the service of creativity.

Hot-mirror filter

Systematic question when starting in infrared photography: will my modified camera be able to take normal photos again. The answer is yes, thanks to the hot-mirror filter.

This filter takes over the anti-UV and anti-IR properties of the filter initially present in front of the sensor and removed during filtering. You can thus bring back the usual rendering of your photos without having to invest in a new camera!

Through my expertise in infrared photography, I offer a wide range of IR photo and video recording services for your scientific projects and artistic shootings.

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I have built a pack of 7 LUTs dedicated with infrared processing.

These LUTs are optimised to work with Ligthroom Classic and deal with white balance, RGB channel mixer and precise adjustments with this software.

They also work well with other photo and video software.

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