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Good pictures require good equipment

Infrared photography requires specific gears, including converted camera and dedicated filters. The first difficulty met by photographers starting infrared photography is to find the best company to convert their camera. Kolari Vision, US company based in New Jersey, appears as one of the leading companies offering a large choice of camera conversions and lens filters to reach the best level of quality for your infrared pictures.

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A large offer of camera conversions...

Kolari Vision offers a large range of camera conversions, including several brands and camera models. Different conversions can be chosen :

  1. Full-spectrum conversion: camera sensor is now sensitive to infrared and ultraviolet lights thanks to the replacement of its initial filter by a clear one. This conversion requires the use of infrared lens filters.

  2. Infrared conversion: camera sensor is now sensitive to infrared thanks to the replacement of its initial filter by an infrared one. This conversion does not require the use of infrared lens filters.

  3. Astrophotography conversion: camera sensor is now sensitive to specific light rays allowing to take pictures of the deep sky.

Each camera conversion requires to send the corresponding camera to Kolari Vision. Recently this company has launched an EU partner to offer duty free conversions for European customers.

... Or already converted cameras!

Kolari Vision also offers already converted cameras : these brand new cameras have just been taken out of their boxes to be converted. All the initial accessories are included. This offer reduces the delivery delay and assure you to use a fully functional camera.

Infrared lens filters developed by Kolari Vision

In my opinion, one of the strong points of Kolari Vision is the offer of their own infrared lens filters. Indeed, Kolari Vision designs and develops a full range of infrared lens filters, from 590nm to 850nm and including hot mirror lens filters.

In addition to these filters, Kolari Vision has recently launched a new ultraviolet bandpass transmission lens filter.

Action cams and drones are not forgotten

At the moment, Kolari Vision is the only company offering action cams and drones conversion. This way, infrared photography can be put in a new level.


My work as an infrared and ultraviolet photographer made me look for the best companies to work with, to achieve the highest level of quality in my pictures. For me, Kolari Vision offers the best solutions for camera conversion in term of quality and safety. Moreover, Kolari Vision offers the best price-quality ratio with their infrared ans ultraviolet lens filters, and can offer customized solutions.

Do not hesitate to see their website: www.kolarivision.com.

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