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An eclectic and useful selection

Beyond the amateur practice of infrared photography, it is useful to enrich our knowledge with more technical applications, more in-depth research, or even on the contrary to return to the fundamentals of this technique. To initiate this step that is as instructive as it is fascinating, I offer you in this blog article an eclectic infrared documentation, in English and in French, to extend the simple artistic perspective of infrared photography to the scientific field.

Infrared documentation in English

In a globalized world, infrared documentation is richer in the English language. This section is therefore dedicated to scientific literature requiring a good basis in English scientific research vocabulary.

The history of infrared photography

Don’t the names William Herschel and Robert W. Wood mean anything to you? However, these men of science are respectively at the origin of the discovery of IR radiation and its capture by means of a photographic process. For fans of timelines, the two links below cover the history of infrared photography from 1800 to the present day.

Understanding Color Infrared Photography

This IR document explains, using numerous graphics and photo examples, the rendering offered by color infrared film (Aerochrome).

A must-have for photographers wishing to simulate this film rendering digitally.

Understanding Color Infrared Photography

Reflected Near-Infrared Waves

Parc des Ibis au Vésinet en infrarouge

This article published by NASA summarizes the optical properties of leaves, methods for capturing the spectral signature of vegetation and the information that can be revealed from such IR images.

Lens Hotspot Database

Different databases of lenses compatible with the infrared technique exist. Two lists stand out to me for their rigor: that of Kolari Vision, and that of Edward Noble.

Hotspot infrarouge

Infrared documentation in French

French scientific literature on infrared is mainly focused on plant and cartographic analysis. The opportunity to better understand the interactions between infrared radiation and tree leaves.

L’image proche infrarouge, une information essentielle

Discover how the IFN (National Forest Inventory) uses infrared photography to map the forests of France. This issue of L’IF, the IFN magazine, addresses in particular the response of plants to near IR rays and the interpretation of the resulting images.

This document is very complete and educational to better understand the reading of infrared photos.

L’image proche infrarouge - une information essentielle

Quelques apports des enregistrements infrarouges à la connaissance du milieu physico-géographique

Enregistrements infrarouges pour la connaissance du milieu physico-géographique

From the Annales de Géographie of 1972, this document develops the issues linked to remote sensing of the ground in aerial photography, and the contribution of IR photography to this effect.

A fairly specialized but very interesting infrared literature on the purely scientific use of infrared photography.

Les propriétés optiques des feuilles

Chapter of a complete course offered by UVED (Virtual University of Environment and Sustainable Development) concerning the Meteosat Second Generation program.

This infrared document details precisely the optical properties of the leaves and the parameters influencing their spectral response.

Plantes aux feuilles roses photographiées en infrarouge
To go further

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